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Service For : Breakdown Assistance

Breakdown Assistance

We also cater repairs & sudden roadside breakdowns other than scheduled servicing.

Vehicle broke somewhere; we are there just a call away to help you. Rs. 100 for first 10 kms and thereafter Rs.7 per km.

We deal into all type of Two-Wheeler repairs which will address to your vehicles specific problem thoroughly.

Repair Master also specializes in Engine Repair Works.

Labour Charges for other services

Battery Replacement 50/-
Battery Charging 50/-
Health Inspection 200/-
Clutch Cable Replacement 50/-
Carburettor Clean 100/-
Lock Assy or Ingnition key Assy replacement 300/-
Front Fork oil or Seal Replacement 300/-
Petrol Pipe Replacement 50/-
Chain Sproket Replacement 350/-
Clutch Overhaul 350/-
Cone Set or Steering Ball Race Replacement 350/-
Fork Bend Removal 500/-
Tappet Adjustment 50/-
Spark Plug Replacement 50/-
Air Filter Replacement 50/-
Break Shoe Replacement 75/-
Cable Replacement 50 - 150/-
Head Light Unit 100/-
Half Engine Overhaul 800/-
Full Engine Overhaul 1200/-